How do they work?

Handstand workshops are a great way to get introduced to the basics, learn how to train without getting injured and get real practice with other motivated people. It is a lot of fun and there is no need to be afraid or ashamed, everyone has to start one day. When reserving a spot in the workshop, we will touch base and talk about your previous experience and overall level of fitness. Almost all exercises are of different difficulties so that they can be adjusted to everyone’s need and abilities.

Scheduled Workshops

The Complete Workshop

This complete workshop is a 3-4 week ongoing workshop with two classes of 90 minutes each week. It will provide you with in-depth knowledge and is made for everyone to join, regardless of their level of fitness. We will focus on special components and parts that built up a solid handstand, warm-up and practice actively together. Participants ought join the entire course. However, if you would like to join weekends or weekdays only due to time constraints, this would be an option as well as the spontaneous drop in.

Private Double Class

The One-Day Workshop

The One-day workshops last for approximately 2,5 hours and provide you with all the fundamental knowledge and technique. It starts off with the theory and visual explanations such as how to correctly use your fingers, what to do with your shoulders, how to avoid pain and wrong training and how to kick up/ improve your form. Then we warm up and you get to practice yourself, step by step. We will go through several exercises to strengthen your shoulders, core and body in general that you can do anywhere without special equipment. Because learning how to balance and control a handstand is fairly subjective and partly depends on one’s body and capabilities, we will go through each participant’s form and I provide you with individual advice and exercises to work on your weaknesses. You will be provided with tools to use such as resistance bands and paralettes.