Almost every one of my clients in Malmö gets really excited about their progress during classes and workshops leading to a lot of photos. Take a scroll and see how they do within just a few hours at max!

Frankfurt Am Main

Since I originate from Frankfurt, this is where my heart is at. I love to see both friends and strangers exceed their expectations by performing outstanding handstands in ways they never thought were possible.


I've had quite some requests to hold a workshop in Helsingborg as well so I went there and had an amazing experience with some very good clients


In Copenhagen I hosted a handstand workshop in cooperation with the calisthenics gym Team Vici. It was the first calisthenics gym I have ever visited and I met so many motivated and strong people there. After that workshop, several workshops there followed!


Berlin, the capital of my home country… it has been awesome and I can’t wait to come back!


I spent some months in Dubai to give personal training and host handstand and mobility workshops there, it was a blast!