Personal Training

For who?

Whether you are an absolute beginner without any experience or already more advanced, 1:1 personal training is effective and provides individual guidance along your journey. The correct execution of the exercises is crucial and matters, especially for handstand and flexibility. You will get access to my application and find your personalized plan and videos there. The exercises and drills will be customized to your specific goals, needs, level and available equipment. Personal training can take place online or in-person, depending on the location. There is the option to get a personalized training plan to work by yourself and have 1:1 sessions to check in once a week or once a fortnight.

Personal Training

I recommend a private class to you if you want to learn handstands as a complete beginner beginner. You have never tried it before, you feel uncomfortable, you are afraid to simply be upside down and scared that you might hurt yourself. However, this is also perfect for you who already can hold a handstand and would like to get more in-depth and specific advice on your form, technique and implementation of alternative variants that will challenge your abilities further. Private classes are a game changer.

There is also the option to get a personalized plan hrough access in my own app that is tailored to your goals, abilities, and availability. In order to get started with your personal training, please reach out to me to schedule a non-binding call to talk about further details.

Online Course

A 13 chapter step-by-step guide, from complete beginner to full handstand. It consists of pre-recorded and uploaded videos that you can access it any time and replay it as often as needed.

The course contains the basic knowledge to start off and the technique to move along. It starts with how to overcome the fear of being upside down and basic strengthening exercises to build a foundation that allows you to perform the handstand. The course then goes over to the single components that are crucial for mastering a handstand such as shoulders and wrists, the “straight line” and how to kick up freely and eventually, to hold it. If you already can kick up in a handstand but struggle with holding a clean handstand without a wall, you simply skip the first chapter.

It also entails mobility and flexibility exercises as well as body weight training that can be done without access to a gym. This with the intent to provide you with the strength required for the handstand.

Along with the course you will get a free e-book that sums up all the information from every chapter.