About me, Paula

My Story

Hey everyone! My name is Paula, I am 21 years old and in love with handstands and controlling my body.

Due to a knee injury in March 2020, I was not capable of exercising nor walking. My only solution was to learn how to handstand because I (mistakenly) assumed that one does not need the legs at all. I do not have any background in gymnastics nor acrobatic and did not take classes in handstands. That’s why I made a lot of mistakes and went through all stages of the process myself. I was always looking for someone who could teach me. Especially when looking back, I could have spared many hours of training and a lot of pain if I only knew better.

I started practicing handstands in April 2020, only 2 months later I could hold my first free-standing handstand for 10 seconds. I am in love with handstand shapes, incorporating flexibility into handstands and constantly challenge myself with new goals like the one arm handstand. Over time, I discovered the passion of giving this knowledge to others, watch them make progress and spread joy and happiness. I want to motivate people to get active, strong and be proud of themselves. That’s why I teach you how to handstand!

About me