Master the Art of Handstands

Come learn handstand, improve your flexibility or get strong with me! One day or day one, it’s your choice. 

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How it all started

Hi there! My name is Paula, and I am a 23-year-old handstand enthusiast who loves to control her body. Having had 10 surgeries by now I would have never thought I could be that strong, flexible and skilled as I am now. I discovered my passion for handstands after I suffered a knee injury in March 2020, which left me unable to exercise or walk. With no prior experience in gymnastics or acrobatics, I started learning handstands on my own and made many mistakes along the way. Despite the challenges, I was able to hold my first free-standing handstand just two months later.


I enjoy making workouts more fun and include skill work. This means, using your own body to learn new skills, develop more control over your body and have fun while training. The most requested skills are the handstand and different handstand shapes but also the elbow lever, walkover or crow.


Apart from pure strength (and skill) training, I try to encourage everyone, from competitive athletes to office workers, to not only work on the strength aspect, but also to gain and maintain healthy joints and the body’s natural range of motion. Being able to move through a full range of motion, finding yourself more comfortable in daily situations and reducing stiffness are just some of the benefits.  


I still remember the time when I could not do a single pull up/push up, I felt very weak. Ever since, I have been training to get and feel stronger and love to pass on this passion (addiction;)) to others. Getting stronger is healthy, leaves you more confident and proud of yourself and enables you to work on more advanced skills.  The type of strength training I focus on is bodyweight training which  offers a more fun type of training that helps to improve one’s body awareness (and self-confidence), to move better and safer, to become stronger and is suitable for every level. Warning: it might be addicting ;). 

My Services

I offer personal training in person and online. Both can be combined with a personalised plan in my application with a full video library to train from everywhere. Choose the option that best suits your individual needs, level and availability. Let’s work together to achieve your goals!

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